Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was only a few years ago that the general public had little choice but to endure TV and online video advertisements while watching their favorite shows and online videos. Today, we have the choice of fast-forwarding or muting these advertisements and commercials and a vast majority of folks do. Well, advertisers are losing a lot of money because of this fast-growing dilemma. So, many of these advertisers have teamed up with companies like and have come up with a crazy scheme to PAY you to watch their advertising. You read that right - they will pay you to watch their commercials. 

What is is a website where users are rewarded for watching advertisements online. 

How Do I Make Money?
There are four ways to earn money through

Viewing Videos
Users are rewarded for their time and attention by watching targeted advertisements based on the user's stated interests (which are learned about through short surveys). Once logged in, if you have videos to view, they will be listed in your queue under the 'New Matches' tab. ensures its users actually view the advertisement by running numbers across the screen during the viewing and those numbers must be entered into the system correctly after the advertisement concludes. Depending on how often you view videos, it's typical to receive anywhere from 2-3 videos per day for infrequent video viewing, to 5-10 videos per day for more frequent video viewing. Most advertisements are 20-30 seconds long. 

Sharing Videos
You can also earn points for sharing videos through Facebook, Twitter, or email. The friend who receives the video must become a registered member in order for you to be able to earn rewards. Once your friend is registered, you will earn 10% of whatever points they earn by watching videos, provided that you maintain your account by watching at least 3 videos per month. 

Completing Offers
Under the 'My Offers' tab you will find all of the offers available to you. The way this works is, if you make a purchase through the advertiser's link you will earn 5% of the purchase value (in points), up to the first $100 of your purchase. For example, if you buy a pair of Nike's for $120, you will earn  5,000 points or $5 ($100 x 5% = $5, which translates to 5,000 points). 

Inviting Friends
You can invite friends to join through Facebook, Twitter, or email and you will receive 10% of all points your friends earn by watching videos (they must be a registered user), provided that you maintain your account by watching at least 3 videos per month.

Earning Potential
At, 1000 points = $1.00. Most videos pay 20-70 points and their payment threshold is 8,000 points. As I mentioned earlier, the number of videos in your queue will depend on how often you visit the website and view videos. If you average 3 videos per day and earn 20 points per video, you will earn 60 points per day. At this rate, you will earn $21.90 per year. While this may not seem like much, consider when the last time was that you were paid to watch a commercial? While you won't get rich with it can be part of your Multiple Streams of Income strategy.

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