Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crowd Spring

Imagine you are a business owner trying to name your new company. You have sorted through several of your own ideas and nothing seems to really pop - your creative side just isn't coming through, especially when you really need it to. Now, imagine that you have 100 people sitting in front of you, all eager for you to hear their most creative ideas for naming your business.

This is the concept of "crowdsourcing". Rather than relying on just a few brains that may be engaged in groupthink (everyone's thinking along the same lines) to come up with the next revolutionary company name, the idea of crowdsourcing utilizes the mass creativity of many different people from diverse backgrounds. In short, companies outsource certain tasks to companies like CrowdSpring in order to solve problems creatively. This can be done both on and offline.

What is connects businesses who need certain tasks done with individuals ("creatives") who are interested in earning a fee for their creativity. Task categories include company naming, logo creation, website design, stationary, and much more.

How Do I Make Money?
After registering with, search for projects that interest you. Submit your ideas (you can submit as many ideas as you want) and see what happens. If your submission is selected, you will be notified by email and will be paid via Paypal or bank wire, whichever you choose. 

Earning Potential projects typically pay anywhere from $50 to $500+. Pretty easy money for simply submitting an idea or two, if you ask me. Payments are made via Paypal every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and by bank wire every Wednesday.

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