Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paid Viewpoint

What is Paid View Point? is a survey site like no other. What sets it apart from other survey sites is that you are paid for every survey completed and you will not be screened out once you are invited to a survey. It can be quite frustrating to get through 15 survey questions to discover that your demographic doesn't meet the client's criteria and you are booted out of the survey with nothing gained.

Another benefit of participating in is that their surveys aren't boring! Anyone who has taken surveys before knows that some of them out there are so dull, but has found a way to take the "boring" out of the experience. Another great thing about is that you never have to register your real name or physical address, so you can feel completely free to share your real opinions and demographics without concern that your personal information will be shared with others.

Ensuring Quality Data
In order to gain legitimate opinions and demographic information about their survey takers - which helps their clients base their marketing decisions on real data - utilizes a tool called TraitScore, which was created to "assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics." In the past, there has been much concern over the legitimacy of the market research data collected from survey takers, as many respondents fail to fully read the questions or give truthful and candid answers. As the user answers questions consistently, their TraitScore increases which also increases the pay per survey. 

How Do I Make Money?
Once you've registered for a free account, all you have to do is wait to be invited to a survey. Once you complete the survey, the reward accumulates in your account. The payment threshold is $15 and your money can be deposited into your Paypal account.

Earning Potential
Survey payments start at $.10 and go up from there, depending on the length of the survey.

All in all, is a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time! I would love to hear what my readers think of this opportunity!

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