Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Inbox Dollars

I don't know about you, but I love easy money. And how much easier does it get to open an email and be paid a few pennies to do so? Before you complain about the skimpy payout, consider the last time you were paid just to open an email and click the link. It literally takes 5 seconds or less to do this easy activity and the earnings add up - especially if you engage in other activities on Inboxdollars.com.

What is InboxDollars.com?
Inboxdollars.com is one of those opportunities that pays you to open emails, complete offers, play games, watch videos, perform online searches, and complete surveys. Just between you and me though, the one thing I don't bother with is doing their surveys. The rewards tend to be really low compared to what Surveyhead.com and other paid survey websites pay. What IS nice is that you get $5 in your account for free just for signing up!
How Do I Make Money?
You can make money by opening up emails (which contain offers that you don't even have to complete to earn the few pennies for clicking the link), playing games, completing offers, taking surveys, and watching videos. Once you reach the $30.00 payment threshold you can request a check, which will be mailed directly to you. Once you request your first payout check, you are assigned Gold Membership, which simply means that you can request weekly payouts and earn higher referral rewards, among other perks.

Earning Potential
I calculated the earnings at $.02 per email if I got 5 emails per week...that's $5.20 per year just for opening emails. While this is not much in itself, you can combine this strategy with other earning opportunities on their website and use it along with your multiple streams of income strategy.
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