Sunday, July 01, 2012

Focus Forward

What is Focus Forward?
There are actually two branches of Focus Forward: Focus Forward and Focus Forward Online. Focus Forward Online allows you to take surveys via email in the comfort of your own home. Focus Forward allows you to participate in focus groups, telephone interviews, webcam interviews, or product testing. These opportunities may require going to a focus group facility, spending time on the phone or online with an interviewer, or completing a homework assignment. I have actually done a few Focus Forward webcam studies/interviews and they are pretty fun and interesting!

After you complete the enrollment form, on occasion you will get an invitation to complete a screener survey to participate in a study. If your answers meet the client's criteria, they will proceed with further screening and you will be contacted to participate in the study. Studies can range from providing your opinion and insight into new food products, new products that are coming to market, health studies, etc.

How Do I Make Money?
There are three ways to make money through Focus Forward and Focus Forward Online. By taking online surveys, qualifying for and participating in studies that come by invitation, and by referring new members.

Earning Potential
Compensation for participating in a focus group ranges from $75 to $250. Surveys typically pay between $1.00-$5.00 and for every survey your referral completes, you earn $0.25. The cashout threshold is $20.00.

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