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How many of us have things sitting in our house that we never use, but can't bare to get rid of? Things that come to mind might be baby gear, electronics, water toys, roller skates, power tools, camping gear, etc - even vehicles! Now imagine being able to rent these items out for a fee, many times over?! 

What is is an online rental marketplace - where owners and renters come together to rent or offer to rent almost anything! As an owner, you can list an item you have for rent and choose how much you are willing to rent the item out for. As a renter, you can pay a reasonable fee to rent almost anything you can think of. takes a portion of the rental fee in the form of a retainer, which is deducted from the rental price due to the owner.
Here is how it works:
You are the Owner
1. Create a free account with
2. Create a listing of the item(s) you have for rent. This will included a description, rental price and terms, security deposit (if you choose), and one or more photos of the item. Wait to be contacted by a renter.
3. When a renter reserves your item online, you will receive an email with his or her contact information so that you can arrange a date and time to exchange the item. At this time, the rental agreement contract will automatically be modified to contain each party's information and the rental terms (if you have chosen to use's standard contract). Print two copies of the contract to take with you to the exchange - one for you to keep and one for the other party to keep.
4. Make the exchange and have both parties sign both copies of the contract. The renter brings the balance of the rental payment (the total rental payment, minus the retainer) and security deposit (if applicable) and you give them the rental. At this time, both parties can make arrangements for return of the item.
5. Meet at the arranged date and time to get your item back. Ensure the item is not damaged and return the renter's security deposit. When you get home, provide an evaluation of the renter. 

But you say, "What if I rent out my item and the renter never gives it back or damages the item?" These types of issues are covered by the rental agreement (which may contain legal recourse) and any security deposit you may choose to implement. You can create your own rental contract or use Zilok's standard contract.

You are the Renter
1. Create a free account with
2. Find an item to rent.
3. Reserve the item online, which will send an email message to the Owner, notifying them of your intent to rent their item.
4. Pay online, the amount required to rent that particular item and receive the Owner's contact information.'s retainer fee will be charged at that time (the retainer system allows renters to make specific and committed inquiries to rental item owners). As the renter, you will pay directly to the owner the difference between the total rental cost and the retainer fee.

An Example of How Payment and Zilok's Retainer Fee Works
You are the Owner of a digital camera and have listed it for a daily rental fee of $10 with a security deposit of $100. A renter has reserved your item online and wants to rent it for only one day. The renter enters his or her payment information and holds the retainer fee of $1. You make arrangements with the renter to exchange the item and they pay the balance of your rental fee, minus the retainer, and the security deposit. So, at the time of the exchange, you collect $109.

  $10 Rental fee
- $1 Zilok commission (already paid by the renter at the time of reservation)
  $9 Rental balance
+$100 Security Deposit
$109 Due at Exchange

Zilok's Retainer Commission Table 

How Do I Make Money?
List your items for rent and wait for a renter to contact you. Collect payment from the renter at the time of the exchange. Get your item back and wait for another renter. Do it all over again!

Earning Potential
The earning potential using is unlimited. It all depends on what you have for rent and how much you want to rent it out for. Remember, you can rent out the same item over and over again!

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