Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What is CrowdTap?
CrowdTap is a website where you can go to earn points, a portion of which can be redeemed for giftcards, other giftcards, or a charity of your choice, and win free products (by testing them). You move from one level to another by increasing your points earnings - the higher your level (status), the more likely you are to get invitations for exclusive product tests, promotions, etc. 

With CrowdTap you essentially have 2 accounts - Lifetime Points (which reflects your status) and Current Points (which you can redeem for rewards). Your greatest advantage in using this site is earning free products by receiving invitations from big-name brands. 

How Do I Make Money?
You should know that with this opportunity, not all of the points you earn can be redeemed for rewards. When you earn points, CrowdTap allocates a certain number that can be redeemed for rewards (reflected in your Current Points account). The number of points you have in your Lifetime Points account reflects your status as a member. The greater number of Lifetime Points you have, the better your chances of receiving product testing and party invitations. Once you signup, complete your profile to earn your initial set of points. Then, complete Quickhits and apply for missions to earn additional points and product testing opportunities.

At CrowdTap there are essentially 2 ways to earn points:  

1. Quickhits

Quickhits are polls or mini-surveys that you complete to earn a modest number of points, which can be redeemed for giftcards, charity donations, or other giftcards. The polls are designed to learn about your demographic, lifestyle, and purchasing habits so that brands can target you for product tests and discussions. On occasion, you might receive an email invitation to participate in discussions or products tests. Every 10 or so Quickhits, you will be invited to a Challenge. One example of a challenge might be to take a picture in front of a new movie billboard. If you complete the challenge, you will be awarded bulk points (usually 1,000 points or more).

2. Missions and Actions

Missions are a way of earning a greater number of points (anywhere from 250 to 7,500 points per mission). Available missions can be anything from participating in a discussion to hosting a party that you must report on. Once you apply for (and are approved for) a Mission, it appears in your Actions queue. Once you complete your Mission, you will be awarded the stated number of points.

Earning Potential
Each Quickhit is worth anywhere from 10 to 50 or more points. As of today, a $25 Amazon giftcard is can be purchased for 50,000 points, so do the math (don't forget to include that some points for completed Missions also go toward your Current Points account). Like I said earlier, your greatest advantage in using this site is earning free products by receiving invitations from big-name brands. 

*Referral Program*
 CrowdTap also has a referral program where you can earn points when friends signup. Right now you can earn 1,000 points for every 3 referrals who sign up.

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