Saturday, September 15, 2012

Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS)

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes?
Instant Cash Sweepstakes  is a market research company that wants your opinion on a variety of topics. By completing very short surveys you are rewarded in coins and "lottery tickets" that you can redeem for chances to win daily prizes. One important thing to note about this opportunity is that you must login once every 30 days or you forfeit any funds in your account.

How Do I Make Money?
So, the way Instant Cash Sweepstakes  works is that you take very short surveys (literally takes just a few seconds) and are awarded a random number of lottery tickets and coins for each survey completed. Additionally, upon completing a survey, an instant cash prize can be immediately credited to your account at random

There are essentially two prizes you can win here: a daily $50 lottery drawing and a $2 cash drawing that occurs every 4 hours 'round the clock. The lottery tickets you win are automatically entered into the daily $50 drawing and your lottery ticket balance "zeroes out" after the drawing. The coins you earn can be used to purchase additional lottery tickets for the $50 drawing or can be entered into the $2 cash drawing that occurs every 4 hours. Unlike the lottery tickets that zero out after the drawing, coins can be accumulated in your bank until you convert them into lottery tickets or enter them into the $2 drawings. 

You can also earn 100 lottery tickets for every survey you create. On top of that, users rate the surveys and one is selected each month to win $100, so be as creative as you can when writing a survey!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes does impose a limit on how many times you can play within a 24 hour period (usually 6 -10 times every 3 hours). One of the best things about this opportunity is that if one of your referrals wins cash or lottery tickets, you win the same prize (this does not apply if your referral wins the $50 daily prize).

In addition, Instant Cash Sweepstakes uses what they call a 'Trust Score System' - essentially an algorithm integrated into their surveys that compares your answers to the way you have answered similar surveys in the past. The more honest you are in answering surveys, the higher your TrustScore. The higher you rank in TrustScore, the more benefits you earn because of your status. Everyone starts out at Rank 1 with the baseline number of coins per survey, random ticket prizes per survey and 5 surveys allowed per playing session. As your rank rises you get the following:


Earning Potential
Your earning potential depends on the number of surveys you take, which determines the number of lottery tickets and coins you earn. Don't expect to get rich with this, but keep in mind, the more people you refer the better your chances are of winning!

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