Saturday, September 22, 2012


What is ClickWorker?
ClickWorker provides digital tasks to registered Internet workers, who may choose which tasks they want to work on. The idea is similar to that of Amazon Mechanical Turk, oDesk, and Minute Workers. Depending on your profile and qualifications, you may be offered some projects or excluded from others. Since many of the tasks can be completed in just seconds you can stop and start at anytime which means you can work anytime, anywhere.

How Do I Make Money?
The short story is, you make money by completing small tasks, or microjobs. Most of the jobs offered are only available if you have demonstrated your personal abilities in assessments. There are two types of assessments: "base assessments" and "project assessments“. Base assessments are those for future projects while project assessments are those for current projects. Once you complete your registration, complete your profile since all assessments are unlocked to you based on the information in your profile. Some of these assessments will be evaluated immediately after taking them, others may take up to 2 days. After qualifying, you see available jobs in your job list. You will see the job along with a short description, the available time and the fee that you get for submitting the job successfully.

Earning Potential
Depending on your qualifications, speed, practice, and concentration you can earn well over $10.00 per hour. ClickWorker expects that workers earn and average of $9.00 per hour.

Payment is made for each accepted and completed task and the amount is fixed and published before you accept the task. Settlement and payment is made on the 7th or 8th of each month for work completed during the following month. For example, if you complete work on August 21st, you will be paid for that work on September 7th or 8th. The cashout threshold is $10.

*Referral Program*
For every worker you refer who earns $10 with ClickWorker, you earn $5!

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